The Carditizer

It’s well known that money is among some of the most dangerous objects when it comes to transmitting bacterial infections.

Now you can sanitize wallets, handbags and mobile phone cases in a liquid free way, disinfecting personal possessions and keeping your money hygienically clean.

Designed in Italy with patented technology, the silver ions in the card have an everlasting anti-bactericidal effect. 

By rubbing it in your hands and against money or possessions the Carditizer will provide sanitized protection to stay clean & safe. 

  • Anti-Bacterial  
  • Anti-Corrosion  
  • Anti-Mildew  
  • Anti-Wear  
  • Non-Allergenic  
  • Nickel-Free 
  • Metal ceramic aluminium with silver ions
  • Dimensions 8.5cm x 5.3cm
  • Made in Italy 
  • Patent No. EP1207220